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Dr. Olivares provides specialized psychotherapy services for individual struggling with eating disorders such as Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating Disorder, and other related problems.  Therapy sessions are typically 50 minutes in length. Treatment duration varies depending on goals, treatment modality, and patient collaboration.

Although each patient will come in at various stages in their illness, or need in level of care, she is committed to providing treatments using researched and empirically supported therapies. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavior Therapy have been found to be effective in treating eating disorders and other psychiatric problems. Often times, an eating problem can begin with a "healthy goal" or change in diet that can lead to extreme diet rules and result in physical and psychological effects in a young adolescent. Family-Based Therapy for Anorexia or "The Maudsley Method" has been shown to be highly effective for this population.

In addition to eating-related disorders, she provides treatment for those struggling with mood or anxiety-related problems and personality disorders; such as Borderline Personality Disorder.

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